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"Lighting Design & Process"


The Office for Visual Interaction (OVI) has created some of the world’s most inventive lighting design, illuminating prominent buildings around the globe. The New York Times building, the United States Air Force Memorial, street lighting for the City of New York, the historic Rookery Building in Chicago and the Scottish Parliament are just a few examples from the OVI portfolio that have captivated designers and the public alike.

As the name implies, OVI is inspired by light’s interaction with finishes and materials, so that light and shadow become a natural extension of the architectural language, integrated seamlessly into the building’s structure, rather than applied as an additional element. Masterfully designed and illustrated with more than 400 images, sketches and graphics, this book is an essential companion to the art and science of lighting design, and an in-depth account of one of the world’s leading architectural lighting design firms.

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  • Lighting Design & Process
  • Office for Visual Interaction, Inc. – OVI
  • ISBN 978-3-86859-256-6


"Lighting Powers of 10" exhibition catalog

Lighting Powers of 10 offers insight into our approach through a close examination of four projects: an LED streetlight for New York City currently in prototyping, lighting for the Scottish Parliament Building complex and grounds, an energy-efficient scheme for the New York Times headquarters, and illumination of the United States Air Force Memorial.

A mix of photos, working drawings, and full-scale models trace the development of each project through a range of scales – from regional considerations spanning hundreds of kilometers (10e+5), to nano-scale wavelength manipulations (10e-7 ). At each scale, we find new opportunities for invention, which we explore and develop through in-depth research and precision engineering. The resulting work integrates lighting seamlessly with architecture.

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  • Lighting Powers of 10
  • Office for Visual Interaction, Inc. – OVI
  • ISBN 978-3-937093-12-3







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OVI Exhibition  

‘Lighting Powers of 10’


The work of Office for Visual Interaction (OVI) was showcased in an exhibition entitled ‘Lighting Powers of 10’ at the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin, Germany. The exhibition was conceived, designed and planned by OVI, and marks the first time a lighting design firm has been featured at the Forum, renowned as one of the world’s premier institutions for the advancement of architectural culture. ‘Lighting Powers of 10’ provides a guiding framework for the recognition of lighting design as an important partner in contemporary architecture.

The exhibition was conceptualized to highlight OVI’s unique design approach. Instead of a simple presentation of projects, the exhibition documented OVI’s thinking and working process. Inspired by the Charles and Ray Eames’ film entitled ‘Powers of Ten’ in communicating the way the universe can be perceived at different scales, OVI translated this idea to the architecture and lighting design fields.

‘Lighting Powers of 10’ pivots at the level of 100, corresponding to actual size of (1:1) relating to architectural surfaces that are readily seen and touched. The exhibition takes a journey through thirteen powers of 10, aligning closely with the realities of architecture and lighting design work: from 10+5 — applying lighting master planning strategies to the size of a metropolitan area (1:100000), down to 10-7 — modifying the spectral wavelength of light (1:0.0000001).

Working strategically at many scales, OVI approaches each project by looking at the overall picture or masterplan — the spirit of a city, the narrative of a building — and translating it into a corresponding lighting concept. Step by step and scale by scale, these ideas are developed from their largest conceptual aspirations to their tiniest details.

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Our work has also been exhibited at:
- Yale University / Structure of Light Symposium - New Haven, CT (October 2010)
- New York School of Interior Design - New York, NY (October 2017)







IES Illumination Award – Toronto Section

Architect Magazine Research + Development Award

Illumni Award Gold
Lamp Lighting Solutions Award – Architectural Outdoor Lighting

IES Lumen Award of Excellence
World Architecture News (WAN) Lighting Project of the Year

IALD International Lighting Design Award of Merit
IES Illumination Awards – Award of Merit
Development Award – Architect Magazine
AIA Institute Honor Award

Municipal Art Society of New York, Best New Building
AIANY Design Awards – Architecture Merit
IES Lumen Award for lighting design and innovation
GE Edison Award
GE Award of Merit
IES International Illumination Design Award – International Award of Distinction

AIA New York Chapter Design Award: Project Merit Award
AIA/ALA Library Building Award

Design Awards PLDA Eastside Lighting Festival, Birmingham, UK
Architecural Lighting Magazine Award

Sterling Prize
RIBA Award winner
RIAS Andrew Doolan Award for Architecture, Best building in Scotland 2005
The Royal Fine Art Commission Trust Award
Manuel de la Dehesa Prize
Exaequo Award ARQCATMÓN
Scottish Design Awards
Edinburgh Architecture Association ‘Centenary Medal’
European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies van der Rohe Award
Royal Fine Art Commission ‘Urban & Landscape Specialist Award’
Manuel de la Dehesa Award
Scottish Design Award ‘Best Publicly Funded Building’ ‘Architecture Grand Prix’
Winners of the AIA New York Chapter Design
AIA UK Chapter Award
International Olympic Committee Austrian Decoration of Science and Art

New York City Streetlight
Art Commission Awards for Excellence in Design
RIBA Worldwide Award

Red Dot Award
Austrian State Architecture Prize (Staatspreis Architektur)
WIRED Rave Awards Nominee
Tyrolian Architecture Award

Blueprint Award
European Cultural Building of the Year
Finalist for the RIBA Stirling Prize