Renowned as one of the world’s premier institutions for the advancement of architectural culture, the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin, Germany, presented the work of Office for Visual Interaction (OVI) in an exhibition entitled ‘Lighting Powers of 10.’

The exhibition was conceived, designed, and planned by OVI, and marks the first time a lighting design studio has been featured at the Aedes Architecture Forum. ‘Lighting Powers of 10’ provides a guiding framework for the recognition of lighting design as an important partner in contemporary architecture.

Instead of a simple presentation of projects, the exhibition documented OVI’s design thought and work process. Inspired by the Charles and Ray Eames’ films ‘Powers of Ten,’ which depicts the relative scale of the Universe based on a factor of ten, OVI translated this idea to the architecture and lighting design industry.

‘Lighting Powers of 10’ pivots at the level of 100, corresponding to actual size (1:1) and relating it to architectural surfaces that are readily seen and touched. The exhibition takes a journey through thirteen powers of 10, aligning closely with the realities of architecture and lighting design work: from 10+5 — applying lighting master planning strategies to the size of a metropolitan area (1:100000), down to 10-7 — modifying the spectral wavelength of light (1:0.0000001).

Working strategically at many scales, OVI approaches each project by looking at the overall picture or masterplan — the spirit of a city, the narrative of a building — and translating it into a corresponding lighting concept. Step by step and scale by scale, these ideas are developed from their largest conceptual aspirations to their tiniest details.

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Our work has also been exhibited at:

– Yale University / Structure of Light Symposium – New Haven, CT (October 2010)
– New York School of Interior Design – New York, NY (October 2017)