Electrical Contractor Magazine features the award-winning work of the OVI team from their work at the United States Air Force Memorial.


GE Consumer & industrial presented the 2007 GE Edison Award to Enrique Peiniger and Jean Sundin of Office for Visual Interac-tion Inc. (OVI), based in New York, for lighting the U.S. Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Va.

Lighting the memorial was a highly technical challenge. Each spire rises to a different height (201 feet, 231 feet and 270 feet), has a dif-ferent footprint and contour, and offers a small surface area to be illuminated. Additional challenges included wind effects and Federal Aviation Administration requirements.

OVI used extensive lighting calculations to determine the most suitable aiming positions, product selections and wattages. Lumi-naires concealed behind granite walls are calibrated to illuminate each arc in a precise gradient, culminating in a burst of light at the tip. Completing the lighting for the top of the spires, metal halide luminaires with spread lenses are cleanly detailed into the granite paving.

Air Force Memorial featuring the night time lighting designs of OVI

Air Force Memorial featuring the nighttime lighting designs of OVI


Electrical Contractor Magazine – OVI – United States Air Force Memorial

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