ERCO Lichtbericht 72 Features OVI and Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art

ERCO Lichtbericht 72 Features OVI for their unique lighting design work at the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art project in partnership with Zaha Hadid Architecture and KZF.  The work in Cinncinati, OH features architecture lighting designs from OVI that integrate with the designs from Zaha Hadid and KZF to bring the project to life.

Neutral background or autonomous contrast – this key question regarding the role that to perform the architecture of the museum escapes any definite answer, in view of the growing heterogeneity of formats and means with which contemporary art is presented.  Also the new Contemporary Arts Center of Zaha Hadid in Cincinnati does not know offer a definitive solution to this problem, but in the unanimous opinion of the critics international architecture comes to be this a contribution for whose quality the discussion is seen elevated to a new level.

Here in the U.S. Midwest is established as material evidence, which is a work built by Zaha Hadid and in which she knows how to turn her explosive visions of space to a functional architecture, without for this reason he abandoned his lofty claims. On a plot of just 1000m2 in one of the busiest street crossings in what is Called the “Downtown” of Cincinnati, this architect dedicated herself to overlapping and overlapping galleries and administrative premises on six levels of such that it created about 8000m2 of surface Useful. Of this total, about 1600m2 correspond to galleries, of which none is equal to others regarding the layout in plan and height it means. Access is through the glassed-in anteroom, which is at the same level as to the street, and whose floor presents a curved transition towards the rear wall of the building. Between volume occupied by the galleries and the wall Later, an atrium with an acutangular glass roof was left free, which is the site for where some ramp-type steel stairs zigzag up to each of the levels.


Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art interior exhibit space.

Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art interior exhibit space.

Architect: Zaha Hadid, London
Associate Architect: KZF, Cincinnati,
Lighting technology: Office for Visual Interaction,
Inc. (OVI), Jean M. Sundin, Enrique Peiniger,
New York.

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