Enrique Peiniger


A unique presence amongst lighting designers, Enrique Peiniger, Founder and Chief Innovator of OVI, was formally trained in more than one field. This singularly manifold way of thinking defines all his work: as a humanist, Enrique articulates the project’s historical and cultural context; as an engineer, he aims at clarity and logic by constantly devising state-of-the-art technology which is developed to achieve economy of the work; as a designer, he is sensitive to social and aesthetic parameters which he integrates in originally engineered lighting solutions. The roster of his completed work attests to Enrique’s distinctive methodology.

Enrique’s contribution to OVI’s practice has produced work that is timeless. His cutting-edge lighting technology befits historical, contemporary, and avant-garde projects seamlessly activating space and materials for the benefit of the user. Utilizing his former experience in the lighting industry, Enrique is known to spearhead collaborations with manufacturers to develop custom luminaires for one-of-a-kind projects that incorporate specialized finishes, advanced fabrication techniques, and emerging light sources. Two of OVI’s recent projects, the winning solution for the new ‘modular’ LED Streetlight for New York City and the Canadian Parliament’s highly specialized optical design, showcase Enrique’s scientific dexterity.

An accomplished lecturer and lighting educator, Enrique has led lighting design workshops and presented at professional lighting congresses and universities worldwide, including lectures at World Architecture Day in New York City, Light + Building in Frankfurt, Yale University, Light Insight Arabia Conference in Dubai, Light Middle East in Dubai and PLDC conventions in Berlin and London. In 2004, he was appointed as the lighting expert for UNESCO missions to Kuwait. Enrique has also taught courses at the Technical University of Berlin and advanced courses in lighting design at Parsons The New School for Design, where he was appointed as a distinguished faculty member.

A discerning innovator devoted to advancing culture through catalyzing conversations and collaborations across design fields, Enrique Peiniger is dynamically shaping the lighting design field.