Dancing Dragons

Architects: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill

Dancing Dragons, a pair of mixed-use skyscrapers, stands proud in Seoul’s new Yongsan International Business District. A strategy of articulating the shingled facades produces an iconic appearance from a distance and generates a unique visual experience of the dragon-scale building skin. Playing on the building’s identity, micro-sized LEDs at the fritted glass planes allow the building to ‘breathe’ in different colors for special events, changing from fire-like amber hues to cool, blue-green tones.

2012_0420_Yongsan-Aerial-full2012_0420_Yongsan-Aerial-full T1 Drop-offT1 Drop-off F:ProjectsYongsan IBDDWGSAS+GGSD2012_0412_T1 and T2 lobbyF:ProjectsYongsan IBDDWGSAS+GGSD2012_0412_T1 and T2 lobby

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